Exhibitor:VANNET Telekommunikációs Kft.
Hall G : 504B
Short name of the novelty:Starlink internet in Hungary with support
Description of the noveltyStarlink satellite internet service has become available in Hungary (and globally) as well. It can be installed anywhere geographically, it offers high bandwidth (up to 350Mbps), with low latency (25-60ms) - thanks to this, it offers the experience of traditional Internet services, and there are no issues with VPN and online video conferences.

Thanks to the parameters of the service, it is even excellent as a main line service, where there is no stable internet supply. In addition, for those companies where the main line internet has been solved, but the continuity of the data connection is critical (e.g. production), the Starlink service is also a perfect secondary / backup connection, since it is definitely an independent technology from the existing main line connection.

VANNET Telekommunications is the first partner in Hungary to contract with an official distributor! This means that we provide a live support connection alongside the service.