Exhibitor:Grindex d.o.o.
Hall A: 201G
Short name of the novelty:Universal Cylindrical and Thread Grinding Machine
Description of the noveltyGRINDEX is cylindrical grinding machine manufacturer for external, internal, thread grinding and grinding of complex profiles.
The machine which will be showcased at Industry Days - Mach Tech Exhibition is our prototype model 7axis grinding machine, model BBN 500 B2 Y CNC.
Besides traditional Z- and X-axis for table and wheel head travel equipped with servo motors, newly designed vertical Y-axis acts as a support for wheelhead rotation (A-axis), grinding spindle rotation (B1- and B2-axis) allowing machining process into two planes. The machine is suitable for grinding of all types of threads, taps, worm shafts, relief and flute applications, spur and helical gears, as well as slotted shafts.