Cégnév:Delta Assembly Europe Kft
A pavilon: 102C
Újdonság rövid neve:KL-TCG series Transducer Controller
Újdonság leírása:TCG controller can monitor tightening status, parameter settings and data storage for traceability.
Adopt made in Germany torque transducer allows SKT-CG series screwdriver to control tightening
torque and RPM. Due to SKT-CG diverse functions, it can provide most ideal tightening strategy.
Tightening goals (torque/thread) can be set by controller. Users may switch between multiple
programs to achieve tightening various tasks.
Built-in ethernet module, no need to purchase external ethernet module.
Data can be saved in SD card to avoid data missing due to internet down time.

High precision made in Germany torque transducer
Start mode: Lever start / Push start / Lever + push start
LED mode: On / Off / Turn on when start
SD card slot for temporary data storage
(Support 32GB and below)
Save up to 250 Tightening Step
Use up to 5 steps per screw tightening