Exhibitor:Central Heating Kft.
Hall D: 202B2
Short name of the novelty:AirPulse Descaling/Flushing Compressor
Description of the noveltyPowerful electric flushing machine for fast and easy flushing of closed systems. AirPulse powerful flushing machine is an ideal package to make short work of cleaning boiler and radiator systems without removing radiators. Ideal for radiators, boilers, underfloor/wall heating systems and solar power systems.

AirPulse Power Flushing Compressor-filling and flushing in one action. High transport capacity. Powerflush central heating systems to remove corrosion debris, sludge and scale. De-scale boilers. Overcome boiler noise and circulation problems. Clean a system with just one visit to site.

Powerful, electric filling and flushing machine on stable, mobile tubular steel frame for secure standing. 2 large tyres for easy transport in rugged building site conditions. Practical hose holder. Low weight, only 22kg. 9 lt air tank volume. Oil-less, ultra silent and dry piston compressor. A professional machine with an ergonomic and stylized design. Easy to carry and the connections run smoothly.

Dual reversible flow valve for changing direction of liquid running in the system. With proven, powerful condenser motor with quiet running, 0.75kW/1HP, on/off switch. Double piston, high transport volume for fast filling 110 l/min. Pulse mode for efficient flushing of closed systems and for filling tanks. 4 pieces flexible, transparent PVC fabric hoses, for flow and return lines, each 2 m long, with 3/4" hose screw fittings, temperature-resistant < 60°C.

Web: www.centralheating.hu/airpulse-mosokompresszor