Exhibitor:NETZSCH Process Intelligence GmbH
Hall G : 205C
Short name of the novelty:sensXPERT Digital Mold
Description of the noveltysensXPERT Digital Mold is an end-to-end, integrated Equipment-as-a-Service solution for the plastics manufacturing industry. The state-of-the-art technology combines advanced measuring hardware and material science with artificial intelligence to characterize material behavior in sync with machine and cavity, driving process efficiency by evaluating and controlling all critical influencing factors. The solution supports all major composite, elastomer and thermoplastic materials, recycled materials, and associated processing techniques.

Dielectric sensors are the heart of the system. Data collected by the sensors are transferred to the sensXPERT edge device. The sensXPERT technology excels in its mathematical and physical/chemical models of material behavior and machine learning algorithms that constantly scan incoming data for patterns and deviations in the background. The algorithms translate the raw sensor data into predictive quality criteria, feeding them back to technicians, monitoring a given machine and process via a web app.

The display of all data in the sensXPERT cloud application allows plastics manufacturers to control and compare manufacturing processes across different production sites. Companies benefit from process transparency and digital component mapping. Economically, the solution achieves to decrease of up to 50% of existing scrap, 23% in energy savings and 30% cycle time reduction.